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I was fortunate to have grown up in the countryside. A kids dream playground. Surrounded by a lot of land, I was moved by God’s vast and diverse creation. But the harmony I witnessed in nature, I rarely saw in people. I was often struck by the joyless state many were in and the pursuits that didn’t seem to make folks happy.

From a young age, I found myself on the hunt for meaning and purpose. For a truth I could hang onto. The philosophy that seemed to dominate was that “there is no one single truth”. But that didn’t set well with me. Somehow, my heart knew otherwise. I yearned for not only truth in general, but for one that would be specific enough to guide me through this maze called life. A life I often found confusing and painful. And this is eventually what brought me to Christianity.

A friend once asked me why I chose Christianity. His question was not rhetorical, he genuinely wondered how one could do that. We had been friends since childhood so I knew where he was coming from. And all I could say was Jesus.

I say yes to the Christian call because of what God has done through Christ Jesus; forgive our sins, share his faithful love with all who are willing and to show us what real living is. There’s much of the religious aspect of Christianity that frustrates me, such as people trying to turn it into something else. But the person of Jesus has touched my heart on its deepest level and he never disappoints. The pursuit I found myself on from early childhood now rests in the incredible love and grace of God.

Why the blog? Many Christian writers have blessed me over the years. I am deeply grateful for how God has worked through them to guide and encourage me through tough times. I hope to do the same for others.

But I also write for myself. It helps me to keep looking up, and looking in the right direction. The direction of faith, hope and love. I’m stunned by the craziness in the world we live in. One must be careful to keep heart and mind on that which is pure, holy and truth.

I also write as a layman. An ordinary Christian. I hold no special titles in the church. I remodel and build homes for a living. My experiences in both the church and the business world give me plenty to write about. But I mostly write from a place of gratefulness for all that God has done, all that He is and all He is about to do.

Preston Rentz

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