The Good Fear, is there such a thing?

As this life progresses, I’m increasingly captured by a curious truth; fear seems to affect us all. I’ve become increasingly aware of fears haunting presence in myself. Fear does some nasty things to me; makes me timid in my approach to life in general, hesitant in my interaction with others and diffident in my love for family and friends. Fear also seems to perpetuate addiction. Addiction to doubt, food, hopeless thinking, negative imagining and faithlessness in general. What if fear isn’t the problem however? What if fear actually serves a purpose? To put another way, what if the goal is not to overcome fear, but to redirect it?

I’ve noticed something else about fear; I can’t eliminate it from my nature. And when I try, I end up with some kind of delusional downward spiral of false confidence, unabashed arrogance and all-out carelessness in my daily pursuits. Which I’m sure makes me a lot of fun to be around. Oh, I’ve discovered something else about fear; if I don’t try to eliminate it or pretend that I’m not scared out of my head, but instead turn it toward my Creator, I not only watch my fear fade, I too watch my connection with God grow stronger, deeper, truer. In addition, I find my very identity in God is further clarified and confirmed as I take all fears to Christ Jesus daily. Okay, maybe I’ve lost you on that statement. However, that has been my experience with fear and God, and as a result, I now believe that’s fears intended purpose; to bring you and I into a complete dependence upon God.

The more I bring my fears to God, instead of trying to overcome them, the more I find myself trusting in him and his solutions for my life. This is what I call the good fear. The Bible itself calls us to fear God, and God alone. I had to admit that I was fearing just about everything except God. I was afraid of loosing my health, my bank account, favor with others, oh, and my hair. Some of our fears are silly aren’t they? But those fears kept me in a hopeless and depressed state. Once I turned that around and learned to fear God alone, healing in every part of my life began.

Truth is, this is a profound and life changing subject, which is why a wrote a book about Fear.

The Good Fear; Discovering Your Identity in God, by Preston Rentz


Book can be viewed at

or at;


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